Sunday, March 9, 2014


People are different. That much is pretty obvious.

There seems to be this deep desire within us to be different from everyone else. We all like to think we're special. Don't get me wrong, we are all special, we're all different, but sometimes I look around and I'm confused.

See, while we have this need to be an individual and stand out, there is also this strong need to fit in. And that goes against the impulse to be different.

I see so much damage being done because of these two needs. There are the people whose need to conform is stronger and there are the people whose need to feel different leads them to rebel against everything.

I've mentioned before how I wasn't a "popular" kid. My need for individuality and my lack of ability to be fake made sure of that. I used to be sad that I wasn't in the "cool crowd". They always looked like they had so much fun. Now,  I'm so thankful that I wasn't. Now I am drawn to people who don't fake it, who try to be themselves as much as society tells them not to be.

I am not talking about the kids who try to rebel against everything by dressing scene or goth. If you like that style, go for it. But if you're doing it because you want to appear "edgy". Stop. Please. Just be yourself. There is nothing better that you could be.

God made each of us for a specific purpose. I believe that. And I don't believe that we will find any real purpose in life unless we trust God to lead us down the road He knows is best.

I love this de-motivational poster. I am a very sarcastic person and as much as this poster is supposed to be sarcastic and ironic, it's true. You are unique, and so is everyone else. Can you imagine if we weren't? How boring would this world be? 

What if every star was the same? What if they all were the same distance from the earth and each shined the same? The sky would look so uniform and it would lose most of its beauty. You were made to shine in the way only you can. Please don't try to copy anyone else's light. This world would be so much darker without you. 

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